TV Times – 11th September 2011

Celebrity Apprentice USA

Donald Trump & Piers Morgan - Celebrity Apprentice USA - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewAs I’d suspected, Piers Morgan won (“Yeah, could have told you that,” you cry.)  I didn’t know though, and even up to the last minute had felt it could go either way.  Piers ruthlessly exploited his ‘Rolodex’ (as Trace described it), to get all his celebrity chums to cough up, but was it in the ‘spirit of the game’?

ITracy Adkins & daughters - Celebrity Apprentice USA - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewf it had been a level playing field then Trace would have won hands-down. He admitted his friends weren’t as rich, but you could see that HIS friends loved and respected him.  The bit where his wife and two beautiful little girls showed up brought a tear to my eye (and his), and I fell even more in love with him than before.

What a guy. If I could buy someone like Trace I’d be straight onto Amazon!  It was an exciting event, and – as usual for this show – produced with just the right amount of drama but without being over-hyped.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FINAL ON iPLAYER

The X Factor

When Louis voted that talentless pair Kendro through and then started to ‘bully’ Gary into doing the same, my heart sank.  With the crowd screaming and egging him on, I saw a return of everything that had so turned me off the show over the past few years.  This is supposed to be a TALENT show, and one of the great things about this Series has been that the judges have only put people through who’ve got a modicum of talent.

Sami Brookes - X Factor - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewWhat on earth was Louis thinking? Just as I contemplated switching off though, Sami Brookes came on.  Wow.  What a performance.  It’s people like her that this show is made for.  Sami Brookes, Sonia/EastEnders' double - X Factor - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewStars can come out of nowhere, and I see a Jane McDonald-type future ahead for Sami if she’s lucky (or as a look-alike for EastEnders’ Sonia!).

Then we had a girl band, ‘Twisted’. More like Bitter & Twisted – by the time Kelly Rowland had pulled one of them back for a solo audition and she’d got put through to Bootcamp!  Gary had said that if the other three were real friends they’d be pleased for her, so was the next shot (of them angrily walking off leaving her stood forlornly in the background), real or staged for the cameras, I wonder?

This is where they need to be careful.  One of the things that people got fed up with before was the way it had all become so fake and staged.  Please don’t let this happen again.  The new format’s working well and I’m really enjoying watching it.  Ratings are good, so please don’t allow Louis to pressure the other judges, and don’t let the crowd take over either, or viewers will soon find something else to watch. (ITV1 Saturdays 8.00 ish + tonight, 11th September at 8.00)


Dragons’ Den

Peter Jones getting his feet chewed by fish: lovely.  As there’s even a ‘foot fish-ish’ place like that slap-bang in the middle of Swindon Town Centre (which no Oxford Steet), those two must have really missed the boat, surely?

They should have chucked a piranha in to chew a couple of his toes off, because it would have meant he’d have had to go to A&E and been unable to deliver the line, “I think it’s quite appropriate that you’ve brought in a sign with ‘Dragons Court’ on it, because if I was a judge I’d be sentencing you to making probably the worst presentation that I’ve ever seen in the Den.” (His exact words.)

Hilary Devey - Dragons' Den - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewNot only was it not funny, but it didn’t make sense.  Stick to making money Peter, and save the stand-up to real comedians please.  Let’s have a picture of Hilary Devey to cheer us us (well, me anyway)!  She said “You’d make my foot itch,” again this week.  Love it.

Fashion’s not my forte, but I couldn’t see the appeal in those T-shirts with bird prints on, and didn’t even get what the guy with the keyboard was trying to sell.  Deborah Meaden told him what she thought: “I wouldn’t give you £150,000 for 100% of it!” (Episode 7 BBC2 Monday 8.00 pm this week)



The Brockmans - Outnumbered Series 4 Ep 2 - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'TV Times' reviewAfter cringing through last week’s opening Episode I’d expected more of the same this week, but it was very much better.  I feel that Jake’s overplaying the grump in the grumpy teenager a tad, but there were some good lines, and it felt a lot less forced.

The last scene – with Ben dishing-up two identical pots of grey porridge-y gloop – could have been a bit more imaginative (he’d had some bright green liquid in the blender in a previous scene which he could have poured over as ‘gravy’), but the show made me chuckle a few times, so job done.

(Episode 3 BBC1 9.00 pm Friday)


That’s pretty-much all I’ve watched/listened to this week – apart from the Soaps – although I’ve laughed at Radio 4’s Lucy Montgomery’s Variety Pack (which I’ve just got round to listening to), and the first Episode from Series 2 of Andrew Lawrence’s What To Do If You’re Not Like Everyone Else, which was excellent. (What To Do If You’re Not Like Everyone Else Radio 4 11.00 pm Wednesdays)

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