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Lord Sugar's Apprentice 2011 starts - from Jane Reynolds 'TV Times' Review


We’re off, and what a start.  I’m nailing my colours to the mast right now by saying that Jim’s the one for me.  After two Episodes, he’s already proved that he’s a man amongst boys, and what about that performance in the Boardroom on Wednesday, aye?  Have you ever seen anything like it?  No, nor me.  He’s calm, reasoned, and nothing like any other contestant ever on the show.  If he doesn’t win I’ll, I’ll …   No, it’s ok, he’ll win.  No-one else even comes close.

Right, that’s it.  Nothing more to say really.  Ha, you wish!  Let’s start on the girls, shall we?  The whole Country turned against Melody after the first five minutes.  Now, what was it she said?  Ah yes, that was it.  Words to the effect of: “My company’s only been going a month, but already it’s gone Global.  I’m Global.  The word Global was invented by me – for me.  I’ve been trained by everyone in the world, and they all learned a lot – from me – and who wouldn’t, frankly?  You don’t go Global without knowing what you’re doing, you know?”  (Thinks: “What am I doing? Oh, yes; buying fruit.”)

It would have served them right if they’d been beaten on the first task; having only spent half their allocated funds, and hardly living up to their name.  “Yeah, good luck with that,” Sir Alan quipped (Harry Hill-style), when they told him it was ‘Logic’.

Vincent from The Apprentice 2011

Get a shave.

The boys thought they’d nailed that phone App task, didn’t they?  So did the girls, and so did I.  Just shows you how wrong you can be sometimes, and so the boys lost the world’s worst Accountant Edward (I wouldn’t trust him with my Tesco vouchers, let-alone any real money), and Leon.  I’m not sure Leon should have gone.  I’d have fired Vincent.  He was rubbish in his App presentation; far too ‘up’ himself … and I don’t like all that wispy stuff on his face.  There’s three good reasons for a start!

Who’ll go this week, I wonder?  Melody and Edna look to be front runners in the ‘Most Hated’ category so far.  What will this week bring?  It was great having two Episodes to kick us off, but I’ll be easier to take in this week with just the one. Roll on Wednesday. PS You can see their interviews on the Home Page here.  They make entertaining viewing!

What else have I ‘Mostly been watching’ this week?  The ongoing Britain’s Next Big Thing with Theo Paphitis, which had bad news for some of the hopefuls this week.  It’s heartbreaking seeing something you’ve invested thousands of hours – and thousands of pounds – in getting turned down, but that’s proving to be the fate of some of them as the Series goes on.   If you haven’t caught it so far, each Episode recaps enough to be able to work out what’s happening, and it’s getting more tense by the week, so do check it out.  You’ll feel for them.  Tuesday BBC2 8.00.


Ruth Jones in Hattie from Jane Reynolds TV Times ReviewI finally got round to watching Ruth Jones as Hattie Jacques in the BBC drama Hattie, and it was fan-tas-tic!  Although she’s a good few stone lighter, Ruth Jones completely captured Hattie’s character, and was magnificent in the role.  The whole thing had me absolutely spellbound from beginning to end, and I didn’t press ‘Fast Forward’ once (which doesn’t happen often, believe me).  It was great acting all round, and the sexualilty positively crackled behind the slim veneer of good old 1960’s British ‘Stiff Upper Lip’.

I imagine most people would imagine the real Hattie Jacques to have been the single, sexually-frustrated harridan she portrayed so beautifully in the Carry On films, yet nothing could have been further from the truth, and this Biopic shows us something quite, quite different.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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