Archer-y 22nd May

This week's update on all things Ambridge in The ArchersAfter a couple of weeks where less than nothing happened, it was great to get back to normal this week, with lots of things to keep us entertained.  I was wondering as to why the last couple of weeks had been so dull, and I realised that there was a lot less actually happening – less scenes, and with less characters – which was what made it seem so boring (for me, anyway).

I was overjoyed to hear that David’s Plantain and Chicory were already well-established.  (Did I hear that right: Plantain?  That banana thing that I thought only grew in hot countries?)  Maybe he was on about something else, but I’ve been puzzled about it all week, and if anyone knows what he actually meant, I’d love to know!

Isn’t Wiww-yum being sneaky, calling George ‘son’ every two minutes.  He’s SO insecure.  George knows he’s his daddy, so stop it please Will, it’s starting to annoy me!  Notice how nobody ever says ‘daughter’?  “Come ‘ere daughter,” doesn’t sound quite right, does it, so why is “Come ‘ere son,” ok?  Strange, isn’t it!

I loved the tips for an eco-wedding: throw birdseed instead of confetti, and paint initials on pebbles instead of name tags.  How about a wedding ring fashioned from a bit of spare chicken wire?  There’s a lot you could do if you put your mind to it.  If Pip’s new beau is as perfect as he sounds, David and Ruth might be having to plan a wedding of their own before too long, and every penny counts these days, so it’s certainly worth a thought!

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