Archer-y 22nd January 2012

This week's update on all things Ambridge in The Archers

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ‘Archer-y’ post (I’d got rather irritated by some of the writing and the poor acting by a couple of the younger cast members), but it hasn’t stopped me listening, and I couldn’t let this week go by without talking about the exciting new range of Tom Archer Ready Meals.

Brenda cooked him ‘Pork-based’ Ready Meals for dinner every night last week, and when it got to the Spicy Meatballs in a Red Pepper Sauce with spaghetti (“Sprinkle a bit of parsley on the top” Tom said), I thought “Yep, I’d definitely buy those!”

'Tom Archer' meatballs! - The Archers - Jane Reynolds' 'Archer-y' reviewIt got me thinking: there has to be an Archers Addict out there who works for one of the major Supermarket chains and has got the nouse to spot this great opportunity to get the Tom Archer brand out there on the shelves.

With a weekly ‘reach’ of five million listeners apparently (BBC figures), that’s a lot of Ready Meals someone could be selling. There were the meatballs, Pork Chilli Con Carne (go easy on the chilli though), and Goulash – for starters – and I’m sure that (along with the sausages and pies), they’d be a good seller!

Changing the subject: I can see both sides over Brian’s proposed ‘mega dairy’, but thought Tom’s worries about the cows being on sand was a bit spurious. Don’t cows stay indoors in the Winter here, and – in other ‘less-grassy’ countries than ours – walk about on sand/scrubland etc? I’m sure Brian’s cows won’t realise they’re not grass if they’ve never actually been on grass …

Tony’s feeling ‘a bit weary’ and said, “I’m sure things are on the up,” this week. Well, you know what that means, don’t you? Yep. Something bad’s going to happen …

PS Henry (the cleverest baby in the world), is walking. Yay. Only walking? Not taking his GCSEs yet? Maybe next year.

(I listen to the Omnibus the Wednesday after it’s broadcast, so this post is based on the Omnibus from the 8th January.)

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