Corrie Corner – 2nd December 2012

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Curse-ty’s making mincemeat out of Tyrone; Gail’s about to get her ‘just desSerts’ and Dennis has had his chip(and pin)s!

The scene where Curse-ty attacked Tyrone on Monday took my breath away. We’re used to seeing violence on TV – and violence a lot worse than that, but the way she went at him (and the way we just all knew that it was coming) turned it into one of the most disturbing bits of television I’ve seen in a long time.

I occasionally comment on how people who ‘diss’ Soaps don’t appreciate the quality and consistency of the acting, but even then we sometimes see a performance that will go over and above even those incredibly high standards, and that’s what we’ve had from Curse-ty and Tyrone this week.

That scene was a masterclass of acting from the pair of them, and the whole thing (including the other bits with Fiz and Tommy) has been totally gripping from beginning to end.

Man-bashing to marriage. Nice job, writers!

I was wondering how on earth Tyrone was going to be able to go from Monday night’s beating to asking her to marry him, and congratulations to the writers for the way they’ve turned it around and got Curse-ty believing absolutely that he’s now totally united with her against Fiz.

“This is the only kind of fizz you’re interested in, aye, Ty?” she gloated as they toasted their engagement, but it was wonderful (and such a relief!) to see that little knowing look that Fiz and Ty gave each other as she left. Great job by all concerned.

Apart from that totally unbelievable thing with Kirk ending up in the Isle of Wight last week, Corrie’s absolutely nailing it at the moment. The storylines are either high/tense drama or laugh-out-loud funny, and we haven’t even got Carla back yet! I think Twitter’s going to go into meltdown when we see those famous legs striding onto the cobbles again.

Ali King/#Carchelle fans everywhere are at fever pitch with excitement. Never mind the countdown to Christmas: Carla Countdown’s WAY more important (only a week to go now)!

With a bit of luck the first thing she’ll do will be to give that jumped-up idiot Rob his marching orders and then secondly, reinstate Fiz, because if anyone knows about not being believed and being stitched up (literally in Fiz’s case!) by a liar, it’s our Carla.

Lewis didn’t ‘see the signs’ – and neither can Gail

Gail’s about to be stitched up by Lewis too. I chuckled at him gingerly lowering himself onto the floor before dropping the tray of glasses. I’m surprised Gail didn’t twig that she hadn’t heard him actually FALL, and I’m also surprised that she blamed herself for not having put a ‘wet floor’ sign up too.

Lewis was stood right there as she started to mop so I don’t see how having a sign up would have made the slightest bit of difference, but (being the good conman that he is) it didn’t take Lewis long to end up with his feet under her table (and a lot more besides – as David thought when he walked in to find his mother hunched over his nether regions!). Very funny scene!

Once he was on his own he leapt up and it didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for. It looks as if Gail’s going to be on the receiving end of another ‘wrong ‘un’ as Lewis’s plan takes shape and for David to have been proved right all along.

Daddy David? Don’t start painting the nursery yet, mate

David used to be a totally obnoxious character but he’s improved SO much and matured a lot over the last couple of years (thankfully). Getting married seems to have been the making of him, and he’s desperate for he and Kylie to have a baby of their own. Bless!

Kylie’s not so keen though, and thought that getting him to look after “Joseph and … thingy” for the day would put him right off. It didn’t though, so I guess she’ll be sneakily taking the pill and that he’ll get to find out?

Tina’s not the only one feeling sick …

Too late for Tina to try that one, as she’s well-and-truly up the duff now. Tommy’s not coping very well with it, but considering that it was all HIS fault that they’ve ended up in such a mess in the first place I don’t really think he’s got grounds to complain, do you, and at least he’s got a job out of it.

We’ve seen a flash of Owen’s bad side this week, and it prompted Jason to set up on his own. From what we’ve seen it looks as if he’s going to be doing a lot more than Stella’s tiling in the next few weeks!

When Rita showed Dennis how to use the CHIP and PIN machine I wrote down in my little book that she’d regret it, and she soon did, but it could have been a lot worse. He’s even talking about getting a job now too. Doing what? Does Dennis have any skills – apart from scrounging?

Curse-ty gets a Good Drinking From a Mug Award, and even in this week of high drama we’ve still got some good Grins of the Week:

David (about having ‘sexy times’!): “I didn’t hear you complaining last night.”

Kylie: “Er, that’s cos I was asleep.”

Norris: “Dennis Tanner: Queen of Shops!”

Gail: “Lewis has ‘referred pain’.”

David: “Sounds posh.”

Owen: “I thought your mum fought your battles for you, Jase. Busy, was she?”

Norris: “I’d love to be a fly on the wall.”

Emily: “I think a lot of people would love you to be a fly on the wall, Norris – if only for the opportunity to swat you.”

David: “Me mam’s all heart; gets in the way of her brain.”

Beth (to Fiz): “How do I know you’re not on some nostalgia tour of your exes?”


* Don’t Julie ‘et all’ dress smart – just to go and sit at a machine in a factory? Some of those outfits wouldn’t have looked out of place at a garden party this week!

* Kylie said, “Max isn’t in school today.” Why wasn’t he? It’s still Term-time.

* Notice the ‘supporting artiste’ looking straight at the camera here? (Take a second/good look at the bottom right corner of her eye. That’s her eyeball!)

* Surely Fiz would have still have had a bandage (or a plaster at the very least) on her finger? It only happened last week.

* Ha ha. I just had a random thought: what if Kylie had married Jason? Would they be good Neighbours?


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    “Notice the ‘supporting artiste’ looking straight at the camera here? ”

    So funny — I noticed that too!

    We’re still a bit behind here or I would have said that earlier…

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