Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 22nd January 2012

This morning’s Sunrise over Swindon is the first cloudy one for ages, but there’s been so many amazing early-morning skylines this week I’ve hardly been able to choose one. In fact, I couldn’t choose one, so you’ve got two, you lucky readers, you!

My dad’s been very down this week (which has been challenging), but when I got home last night he was quite cheerful and said he felt really well.

He’s going for a Private consultation at the Hospital on Tuesday to see if he can get his TAVI heart valve done. If they say no, that’ll really knock him for six. Still; we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come  to it, aye?

Aside from that, I’ve had a really good week. Yes, you read that right! Nothing’s really happened as such, but I’ve knocked the pasta, bread and red wine on the head (and lost 5lbs already!); I’ve got my second (paid!), freelance writing commission (I’ll be doing it on Monday), and feel that I’ve taken quite a few steps in a ‘direction’ this week too.

It’ll probably prove to be the wrong direction (knowing me!), but I’ve had a couple of ideas that are quite exciting, and I’ll keep you posted as to whether anything comes of them or not. I did three radio slots this week too (one ‘down the line’ when I was at work cleaning!), and they were all great fun. I’m really starting to enjoy it.

I’ve also come up with (what I hope is), a quicker way of adding all the photos to my Soapy Corners. It takes about four hours to find exactly the right shots I think I want on my recordings, pause them, take a photo of the screen on my mobile, choose the ones I need, then finally upload them – as it’s only by adding one that I can finally work out where the next one needs to go etc.

The new way is to add a blank photo in advance (so that I can get the layout right), then simply decide which shot I need for that space – which means I only need to take the EXACT few photos I need. I’m going off to do that now, and hopefully it’ll be a breeze!

Oh yes. I wanted to tell you something else too, but it hasn’t been resolved. No, it’s nothing exciting (unfortunately!), but I just wanted to tell you. Next week, hopefully.

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