Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 8th July 2012

As I write this, rain’s stopped play at the Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon. Win or lose today, I’ve never seen Andy Murray try SO hard as he is out there right now. He’s running for balls he’d normally leave, and you know that he really wants it.

When you really want something you have to try as hard as you possibly can … and then try even harder. You have to go beyond what you think you’re capable of and believe that you ARE good enough to win/succeed.

My week didn’t turn out as expected. I made a huge decision this week. I trusted my instinct and acted on it, but the outcome wasn’t as I’d envisaged and I now have to make another big decision!

That’s not for today though, and I’m going to get this blog published so that I can shoot off and watch the end of the tennis. I’d hoped to do a Foodie Corner this week (as I’ve got a few yummy things to tell you about), but will try for next week now.

Come on Murray!


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