Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 25th November 2012

This Sunrise Over Swindon was ‘the calm between the storms’ as the rain and wind battered most of Southern England over the best part of the last few days.

I love the rain and have been in my element, but it’s going to turn cold and bright this week – my WORST type of weather. I loathe it. The sun’s piercingly-bright but it’s freezing inside and out. For someone like me (who gets chilled to the bones the moment the temperature dips below 20 degrees), it’s not going to be a good week!

It has been an ok week other than that, though. I still can’t tell you about my news as I haven’t signed anything yet, and as I’ve been let down so many times in the past, if I start talking about it and it then doesn’t happen I’ll feel very foolish.

If you’re wondering how my attempt to do my Tax Return has gone over the last week (as if!), then it’s not good news on that front, but I’ve planned this week with military precision and have got a whole day and a half to knuckle down to it (in theory!).

What I’d really like to do is to go for a little wander around the Outlet Village across the road and take a drive over to Waitrose in Marlborough but I just haven’t got the time. Maybe next week, but – in the meantime – I’ll have to make do with this (which I saw on Twitter yesterday). Now THAT’S someone with a great sense of humour!


Right. Must get on. Have a good week, everyone.

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