Queen Vic Corner – 11th September 2011

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(I’m going to be reporting from the red carpet outside the Savoy on Tuesday for the Daz TV Choice Soap Awards.  I haven’t got much of an idea as to what’s actually going to happen on the night, but am thrilled at being part of the Press and to hopefully have a chance of speaking to some the people I write about each week. There’ll be a full report in next week’s blog.)

What a nightmare week for Kat and Alfie (I’d have nightmares if I had to sleep in that bedroom).  It had started so well for them.

Kat & Alfie - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' review“I had some tests and I had a low thingy count,” Alfie told the Creepy Doctor in the Square.

“Except the one that’s been holding back ready to prove to the rest who’s the daddy,” Kat replied, and Alfie couldn’t believe it when Yusef confirmed that one of his ‘Little Swimmers’ might-well have actually finished the race!

He told Kat – who already knew the baby was his. “Half an hour ago you thought I was giving it away with every pint I sold,” she reminded him, and then he all-but accused her of having an affair.  It was really mean what he said to her.  Poor Kat. “I’m up the duff.  Stands to reason there has to be an identity parade,” she retaliated, deeply hurt by his accusations.

Wasn’t his face a picture when he got the results though?  Great acting from Alfie, but it took a test to make him believe her, and his joy was short-lived as she miscarried (what a shame).  Really moving scenes again from my favourite Soap couple.

Zainab - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewA couple who aren’t really a couple were Zainab and the creepy Doctor at the drinks party. (Didn’t she look beautiful when she laughed, aye?)  Why would he introduce her as his wife though? There’s bound to have been someone there who knew that wasn’t true, surely?

Having said that, it was all quite flirtatious, and the sexual tension was clear to see as they stood there together (and if you liked that, there’s a similar scene in my novel “Just Good Friends?” you might well enjoy reading!), but how utterly horrible of him to react like that when she attempted to kiss him.  Pig.  And would he really have given a Receptionist’s job to Rose – just like that, having only just met her and with her having had no previous experience?  No, of course not!

Let’s move on.  As there was barely a glimpse of the lovely Tanya for me to wax-lyrical about, let’s do ‘What’s playing in the Vic this week?instead and crikey, it’s a bumper edition!

Jean told Kat how upset she was (because Norman had chosen Pat over her), to the line ‘He’ll go back to her and I’ll go back to black,’ (she’s bipolar), from Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ album.

Kat asks Alfie when he’s due to get his test results.  As she walks away, the words ‘Baby, baby’ sing-out at that exact moment!  (Couldn’t identify the song.)

Ian staked-out the street out with that ridiculous bandana and water gun to the tune ‘Do not forsake me oh my darling’ from the film High Noon (the story of a Town Marshall forced to face a gang of killers single-handedly).

Vanessa & Eddie - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewVanessa’s first attempt to seduce Eddie was played-out to Adele’s ‘Make you feel my love’, and on her second attempt, at the exact moment they’re about to kiss, what do we hear … the Squeeze song ‘Tempted by the fruit of another’.  I’m guessing now, that it’s someone’s job to find these tracks?  Is it an ‘in’ joke?

Speaking of jokes, it’s Grin of the week:

Syed (to Zainab): Tambo told me how much you cried during the Royal Wedding.”

Zainab: “That was allergies.”

Eddie: “As they say: Buyer Beware.”

Cora: “You’d better ‘beware’ unless you put this right.”

Heather (saying Ben’s grown): “Four months is a long time at his age, innit?”

Phil: “It is at any age, living with you.”

Alfie (to Kat): “Make your mind go blank … ooh, that was quick.”

Least appealing thought of the week: A piece of Pat’s pie.

PS Loved Kat’s reply to Janine’s “I don’t think I could spend all my money even if I tried really, really hard.  Isn’t that funny?”

Kat (raising her hands and pretending to laugh): “Hysterical!”

PPS How cute was baby Kamil when he smiled at Zee and then looked as if he was really listening to Mas as he talked to him?

PPPS How scary is Michael?  There was one particular scene where he looked the image of Jack Nicholson in The Shining (I’ve never seen it – far too scary for me!), as he raged at Vanessa.

PPPPS The scene where Ian said it was time to get Bobby’s tea was followed by Yuesf and Zainab arriving at the drinks ‘do’.  Wasn’t that meant to start at 3.00?  *justasking*


I just had to put this up again in case anyone missed it last week.  Separated at birth, or what!

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