TV Times – 22nd January 2012

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Oh dear. I almost enjoyed – no, I DID enjoy MasterChef the Professionals, but what on earth have we seen this week? (Brown shoes Greg?)

MasterChef has finally changed from a programme for people who liked food to just another reality TV Show. John Torode and Greg Wallace clearly now think of themselves as the ‘stars’ of that show (as opposed to JUDGES), and I found it all very embarrassing.

“But I want my curry sauce that’s in your pot,” John wailed like a spoilt brat to one contestant; shouted “Whoop, whoop,” to another, and the final straw came when he literally ‘roared’ at one of them. Even Greg gave him a sideways look. What the hell was THAT all about?

Combined with the return of India Fisher’s grating narration (although, to be fair, she isn’t dropping her voice down at the end of every sentence as much*, but she just sounds so dull); the deafening, overly-dramatic music and the stupid desk that the candidates now have to walk to, have just-about tipped me over the edge with this show.

I could only cope by recording it with subtitles, then watching with the sound on mute and Fast-Forwarding past the ‘walking up and down’ bits and the Restaurant Kitchen bits. (You know they’re ALWAYS going to get it right after a couple of goes, don’t you?) Even the subtitles had spelling/grammatical errors, so the whole thing was hardly a pleasant viewing experience for me.

When is this horrible trend for slopping a dollop of mush and dragging it across a plate with a spoon going to stop? It looks like something a baby or a dog might have done, and as for the plate on the right … well, it’s just silly.

I despair. Will I watch this week? I really am in two minds you know (which is a shame), but I’m guessing I’ll probably just wait until Michel Roux returns: a proper professional.

PS If you watch EastEnders, check out this tiny video of Shelina. In the space of a few seconds her face goes through so many emotions, it’s like watching a scene with the lovely Tanya! IMG_3163

PPS We had ‘What he calls’ a Potato and chive risotto, and a Tempura squid with basil and cantaloupe caviar. The risotto didn’t have any rice in it, and basil and cantaloupe aren’t caviar. Stop being so pretentious and just call things what they ARE as it’s confusing for people (especially in Restaurants).

PPPS Why don’t Supermarkets sell fresh chervil? I had spaghetti with prawns and fresh tomato sauce with chervil in Sydney and it was a revelation. I’ve only been able to get it once in Wiltshire, and that was by ordering it from a specialist herb grower near Marlborough.

PPPPS They’ve still got the candidates travelling to the Restaurant kitchens in their whites. Not very hygienic, is it?

(* One of my biggest dreams is that once – even just once – she might actually raise her voice instead of dropping-it down like a robot at the end of every sentence on her numerous Radio 2 trails. Alas, I wait in vain … ) MasterChef BBC 1 Tuesday-Thursday 9.00)


Did you see Episode 1 of Desperate Housewives this week? Laugh? It had some brilliant comedy moments, and even if you don’t normally watch it, check it out if you like a grin! It’s repeated at 10.00 on Sunday night on E4, and on catchup.

Radio Times

I’m really behind on my radio listening, but Alan Carr’s hilarious show on Radio 2’s back (6.00-8.00 Saturday nights), and the same stuff I mentioned last week is all on again this week too + a re-run of Sir Jimmy Young at 90 is on Wednesday night on at 10.00 (also on Radio 2). That was a lovely show and well-worth listening to if (like me), you’re old enough to remember the great man!

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