Soap-y Corner 22nd May

I saw a tweet from someone on Monday which pointed out that all the young girls in Emmerdale look the same. Well, you know how much I love to see who looks like who, and I reckon he’s got a point: there’s a real similarity between them which – to the untrained eye – could definitely prove confusing (and worrying for Andy Sugden when he’s out on the pull, because one of them’s his sister)!

Last week I talked about people pretending to drink from empty cups.  This week it’s giving change in shops etc.  Nicola gave Leyla a £20 note for her shopping of £16.20.  Without even looking into the till, Leyla pulled out her change – two coins.  The minimum she’d have needed to give her was four for that amount.  Just saying …

That minx Amy's more concerned about the money than Eric.That Amy; she’s another troubled adoptee who just goes around making peoples’ lives a misery because she’s had a hard time.  Eric and Val have been so good to her and yet she’s treating them like dirt.  I’d have left her in that scaggy cafe if I’d been Eric.  Hairy David’s looking hairier than ever this week too.  He’ll soon look as bad as I do at the moment – although at least mine’s not all over my face (thank goodness), but I am in desperate need of a haircut!

I loved Marlon’s rejection of Nicola’s drunken advance with the explanation: “You’re just a bit full-on and scary.” Poor Nico.  I’m feeling right sorry for her.  She’s always been such an obnoxious character, but we’ve seen a whole other side to her over this Jimmy thing.  Thank God he’s remembering who he is at last.  It’s been a very far-fetched storyline and one I’ll certainly be glad to forget!

It was the Soap Awards this week, and I had tears in my eyes when Kat Slater looked straight at Lisa Dingle and said (with tears in her eyes), that it should have been her getting the Best Actress award.  That was really sweet of her to say.

Kat and Alfie won best On-Screen Partnership, deservedly – in my opinion.Kat & Alfie Moon EastEnders. What chemistry! I’m always saying how I’m just captivated whenever they’re on together, and I think Jesse Wallace is such a great actress.  She can have you crying your eyes out one minute, then crying with laughter two minutes later!

I was shocked to see Ronnie’s mouth almost (not quite, but almost), turn up into a smile at the end of the week when Jack said he was taking her home. She tried so hard, but – ooh – she just couldn’t quite manage it.  That’s the most expressive I’ve ever seen her though.  Maybe next week she’ll get there?  I’m rooting for her …

Who didn’t cry when Jane walked away and left Bobby stood there?  I know what it feels like (as I’ve had to say goodbye to three little boys I loved as if they were my own), and I was blubbering like Gazza and could only watch with the subtitles on, but no sound.

Let’s cheer ourselves up with my favourite line of all the Soaps this week, from Dot Cotton. “Me an’ Ethel; we always wanted to go to the Ritz.  Course, they wouldn’t ‘ave let ‘er in … not with ‘er willy.” (Willy was Ethel’s little dog – in case you wondered!)

It’s not looking good for Christian and Syed, is it?  Not with those two dysfunctional families for the Adoption Agency to have to check out (and that creepy Doctor waiting in the wings).  They just need to have a word with Ronnie.  She’ll probably be able to get them one from somewhere. Just a thought … BBC

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