TV Times – 19th February 2012

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I’ve had a few family commitments this week, so haven’t watched much Television – apart from a bit of football, Come Dine With Me (ah, it was a lovely week; they had a ball!), and some re-runs of Benidorm (always guaranteed to make me laugh)!

Hang on. Hold the front page: I’ve just found out that Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice starts a new Season tonight. Yippee! It’s one of my all-time favourite shows.

I’ve just looked at the names of the candidates and the only one I’ve heard of is Joan Rivers, but I don’t care who’s in it; I watch it because I just love Donald Trump … and I love Ivanka Trump too.

There’ll be a review here next week, so do have a watch if you want to keep up with it with me.

(Celebrity Apprentice Series 2 Ep 1 BBC1 Sunday 11.35 pm, then various times/days from there)


What Else?

Upstairs Downstairs returns this week. I haven’t watched it since Mrs Bridges and Mr ‘Udson’s days, but will check it out (partly because one of my friends is an extra on it and I’ll be looking out for her!).

I’m so glad I gave up MasterChef, especially when I read on Friday that they’re ‘helping’ one of the chefs by giving him more than one chance. CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY

Like I said: this show has long forgotten what it’s meant to be about, and is now simply another reality TV Show with a bit of food thrown in. John Torode and Greg Wallace have got so carried away with their own self-importance that it simply wasn’t good for my health to keep watching it!

Don’t forget ITV’s Take Me Out. It’s such feel-good, family fun, and Paddy McGuinness’s hosting is brilliant and often hilarious (especially if you like your one-liners). I want to start a campaign to get Gracie picked though. She’s SO lovely and SO funny, but the guys always pick the tall, long-legged glamorous ones, and she’s the only one in glasses too (which I’m sure goes against her).

That and Harry Hill’s TV Burp: what a great slice of Saturday night entertainment! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE TAKE ME OUT WEBSITE

Radio Times

Count Arthur Strong - Jane Reynolds reviews his showYippee. There’s a new Series of Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show starting this week. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve missed an absolute treat. He’s a mardy, old, ‘Hardly-ever-has-been’ from Doncaster who gets even the simplest sentence wrong – with hilarious consquences.

It’s such a clever show, and if you like it go straight off and get the CDs. Trust me: you won’t be disappointed!

 (Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show Radio 4 Tuesdays 6.30 pm)

I’ll be on the Radio twice this week:

Thursday 11.30-12.00 am with Jane’s Big Blog Soap Spot on Alastair Greener’s Big Show, and then

Friday 4.00-5.00 pm, co-presenting the TGI Friday show with Paul Dawkins. Both can be found on Swindon 105.5 FM:  ‘Daring to be different’. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE

PS Just spotted there’s a new series of Benidorm starting on Friday. I knew it was coming, but not when. If you love your one-liners, you won’t want to miss this!  I’ll be reviewing it next week. (Benidorm ITV1 Friday 9.00 pm)


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